The objective of this document is to lay out a coordinated approach to science and monitoring for the Columbia Wetlands system. It is organized around three objectives and areas of action. These are the maintenance of the functional processes that drive the productivity of the river and wetland system, the maintenance of habitat quality and the maintenance of biodiversity. In each area we reviewed the critical factors involved, reviewed previous work, identified the present status of our knowledge and identified objectives and actions for future  science and monitoring. A work plan and priorities for the next five years, based on this assessment is presented. This document will assist the Columbia Wetland Stewardship Partners is making long term decisions on the allocation of funds and time on science and monitoring concerns related to the management of the wetlands.


As part of overall management strategy for the Columbia Wetlands, the Science Committee of the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners was asked to develop a ten year strategy for monitoring, inventory and science in the Columbia Wetlands system


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