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Welcome to the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners

Federal Boating Regulation

There has been a long standing debate on this issue of restrictions along the Columbia River. The Wetland Partners have been involved in reaching a compromise that would work for most people in the valley. Agreement was found on two items.

1. Limits on access to the wetlands proper, (i.e., separate from the river channel), would be limited to non-mechanized use.
2. No towing activities (water skiing and wake boarding) would be allowed in the main channel of the river or in the associated wetlands.

These two elements of the discussion were made into law by amendments to the Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations in 2009.

A third and final element of the proposal, consisting of a 20 HP restriction on the main river channel is being reviewed by government at present (August 2010). The Canadian Wildlife Service has provided the Office of Boating Safety with a review of the environmental impact of such a regulation. A decision on this final element of the regulation is expected in early 2012.

Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners