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Windermere Christmas Bird Count

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12 Jan 2012
American Robin one of the 52 species recorded.
Photo by Larry Halverson
Seventy four people counted 3,927 individual birds during the 34th annual Lake Windermere District Christmas Bird Count. The number of birds is up by 47% from last year. Some of the increase can be attributed to high number Bohemian Waxwings and Common Redpolls. The total of 52 species recorded this year matches the average seen during the last 10 years of the count.  
Some of this year’s highlights include a new species for the count. Dean and Bill Nicholson observed 2 Trumpeter Swans in the open water at Athalmer. They also spotted a lone Hooded Merganser which has only been recorded 5 times in the history of the count. Many of the feeder watchers commented on the lack of birds however one hot spot was Ron Speta’s yard. He said “in the 25 years of watching his feeder this has been the best!’ He recorded 16 species. Troy Rad once again ventured into the high country a found a couple of White-tailed Ptarmigan. Elisha and Haley Bowels were delighted to see 8 American Robins in their grandma Luciel Campbell’s yard. Fran Kimpton saw an unusual bird and after some study it turned out to be a partly albino Mountain Chickadee. There is also another ‘mystery’ bird in  Linda Taylor’s  yard. From the description it may be a Northern Hawk Owl but it needs a little further investigation to confirm. Thanks to Greg Wagner a visiting birder from High River whos keen ears found the only Northern Pygmy Owl near Eline Madson School.  A couple of birds that were noticeably missing were the Great Blue Heron and Common Merganser.
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