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Columbia Salmon Festival

By Blueheron | education, Festival, fish, kokanee salmon, Salmon

The first annual Columbia Salmon Festival will be taking place September 28-October 1, 2011 in the Columbia Valley. This inaugural Festival is being hosted by the Shuswap Indian Band and Akisqnuk First Nation and proudly supported by the Canadian Columbia Inter-Tribal Fisheries Commission, Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners and Fairmont Trails Society. The Festival has become and annual event

Osprey Fishing

By | Adapatations, fish, Osprey, Rainbow Trout

> Osprey with Rainbow Trout – Photo by Larry Halverson This picture was taken one evening while fly fishing. The Osprey dove, caught the fish then flew by the canoe as if to show how easy it is to catch fish. Osprey talons are specially adapted to allow one of the front toes to rotate backwards so that there are [&hellip

>Fish Need to Move

By | Ecological Restoration, fish, Migration Corridors, Streams

> Shuswap Creek before Photo by Larry Halverson Shuswap Creek after culverts removed Photo by Larry Halverson “Fish travel along waterways to find food, mates, good spawning gravel and safe places for their young to grow. A poorly functioning culvert can stop fish from reaching key parts of their habitat, resulting in lower numbers of [&hellip

Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners