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Won’t Be Seeing This Soon

By | Canada Goose, Migration, Molting

> Canada Geese flying over the Columbia Wetlands May 31Photo by Larry Halverson Canada geese will soon be molting – an 8-10 week flightless period when they shed their outer wing feathers and grow new ones. Molting occurs between mid June through August. Most birds will resume flight by mid-August and with their new feathers [&hellip

>Canada Goose Display

By | Canada Goose, territorial display

> Canada geese near the Athalmer bridge. Photo by Larry Halverson It is a good time of year to spend an evening along the Columbia River.  As there is lots of Canada Goose activity. The goose in this video clip was defending its mate. Using the head forward display – the goose extends its neck, holds [&hellip

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