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Archive for the ‘birds’ Category

Fall Migration Has Begun

By | birds, feeding, Migration

>  Greater Yellowlegs feeding on the shore of Lake Windermere, July 29th , 2011    Photo by Larry Halverson Greater Yellowlegs are one of the early migrants  passing through the Columbia Valley. Leaving their subarctic breeding grounds they’ll feed on small aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, small fish, frogs, in wetlands as they move to their [&hellip

British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas

By | birds, monitoring, surveys

> Christopher Di Corrado, Atlas Coordinator recording birds in the Columbia Wetlands – Photo by Larry Halverson The British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas (2008-12) is large-scale wildlife monitoring projects that engages over 1000 volunteers to map the distribution and abundance of breeding birds across the province. In 2011, we enter the fourth season of the atlas. [&hellip

>Chickadee Love Song

By | birds, matting, Song

> Black-capped Chickadees in the Columbia Valley have already been heard singing their love song Most everyone can identify the bird that sings a rapid, nasal Chickadee-dee-dee. It is the call the Chickadee uses to challenge intruder or to express alarm and it can be heard anytime during the year. However in April, which is the beginning of the courtship [&hellip

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