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Won’t Be Seeing This Soon

| Canada Goose, Migration, Molting
1 Jun 2011


Canada Geese flying over the Columbia Wetlands May 31
Photo by Larry Halverson

Canada geese will soon be molting – an 8-10 week flightless period when they shed their outer wing feathers and grow new ones. Molting occurs between mid June through August. Most birds will resume flight by mid-August and with their new feathers will be in good shape for fall migration.
During this molting period the Canada geese will gather in the wetlands and ponds where they can hide amongst the vegetation, safe from predators. 
“Geese without young will sometimes travel hundreds of miles to the security of favored molting areas in the north.These “molt migrations’ account for the disappearance of local goose flocks in early June.” This may also be the reason why rancher Bob Jamieson ( Executive Director of the Columbia Wetland Stewardship Partners) has been seeing a number of flocks, 500-600 Canada Geese flying north over his ranch.

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