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Welcome to the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners

The Columbia Wetlands is a very large wetland and river system located on the Upper Columbia River, in the East Kootenay portion of BC. Several major communities are located along the edge of the river and wetlands.

These wetlands are one of the largest wetland complexes in Canada and on the planet.

They are recognized as a wetland of international importance by the United Nations under the RAMSAR Treaty.The system stretches 150 km from Canal Flats and Invermere in the south,to Golden in the north. The system is a complex mix of federal, provincial, municipal and private lands, covering 15,000 ha in  total. Provincial lands in the wetlands are managed as the Columbia Wetlands Wildlife Management Area. Federal portions are managed as three National Wildlife Areas. There are also significant areas of private lands in the system.

The wetlands are very important to the people that live in the communities adjacent to the wetlands. Over the last several years, a major interest on the part of local NGOs, industry sectors and these communities has developed around assisting federal and provincial agencies in the stewardship and management of this very special wetland and river system.

The Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners group was formed in 2006. It is made up of over 35 groups, communities and agencies concerned with the wetlands.

The Partnership has put a great deal of time and energy in ensuring that everyone with an interest in this landscape is involved with it. It includes all of the federal and provincial agencies concerned with the wetlands, all of the local NGOs with an interest in the river and wetlands, local First Nations, industrial representatives from the tourism and forest sectors and has representatives (councillors, mayors and regional district representatives) from each of the communities along the wetlands.

This website has been developed to inform everyone in the valley, and visitors to our valley, about this natural wonder and the efforts of local people aimed at maintaining the wetlands in perpetuity.

– Suzanne Bayley, President

Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners